December 19, 2013

American English Vocabulary to Use in the Winter/Holiday Season

Vocabulary for Small Talk about the Holiday Season in the US

In this post, you will be introduced to some American English words that are commonly used during the "holiday season" in the US - between late November and early January through a word find. These are common words used in and out of the office in casual conversations and may even business-related conversations, especially when planning holiday celebrations like Christmas Parties and Secret Santa Gift Exchanges

First, you will find the word find page. Either you can view the image below (click on it to see the bigger size) or download the PDF from this link.

Secondly, take a look at the pictures under the word search. Can you identify any of these pictures without the clues or answers?

For those you can't guess or can't find, take a look at the clues. From the clue, can you get the answer?

After matching the clues to the words in the word bank, find the words in the worksheet.

This ESL activity gives you context to each word through defining it, reading it, then finding it in the puzzle.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to talk about your answers or anything you did not understand!


  1. A name of a famous snowman. 
  2. Worn on the hands. It’s like a glove, but it doesn’t have separators for each finger. 
  3. A big sled pulled by horses. Also, Santa’s sled pulled by reindeer. 
  4. A four sided spinning top used for a game played by Jewish people during Hanukkah. 
  5. A plant of leaves and red berries hung in homes as decorations. 
  6. Frozen ice crystals that fall from the sky. 
  7. A red and white striped sweet shaped like a walking stick. 
  8. Jewish symbol with six points. 
  9. What the body does when it’s cold. 
  10. Black American holiday that goes from December 26 to January 1. 
  11. A Jewish festival that goes on for eight days sometime in late November or December. 
  12. A cookie that is made out of sugar and spices shaped into the form of a person. 
  13. A kind of gift exchange done at Christmas parties where one gift, though expensive, keeps getting exchanged as no one likes it. 
  14. A heavy snow storm in which the wind blows the snow so hard you can’t see anything. 
  15. What it’s called when students don’t have to go to school because of winter weather. 
  16. It’s tied around the neck to keep it warm. Known as muffler in India.



Practice questions and answers using some of these vocabulary words with your colleagues. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below or contact me with your thoughts and doubts.  Feel free to use this activity with your team maintaining the logos and branding. Thank you.

Contact Jennifer Kumar, creator of this puzzle for more information for culture training programs that can be delivered to your team online or in person.

Feel free to reuse these worksheets, reprinted as is. Do not remove logos or any text.

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