April 18, 2015

Suite vs. Suit: Frequently Mispronounced Words

In the IT world, the word “suite” is a common term used to describe a collection of computer programs —usually application software or programming software— of related functionality, often sharing a more-or-less common user interface and some ability to smoothly exchange data with each other. (Defined by Wikipedia.)  

Suite vs. Suit: Frequently Mispronounced Words
For instance, a very popular software suite most of the world loves and, at the same time, loathes, is Microsoft Office. The Office suite is nothing but a collection of tools with similar functionality that work together to help with office productivity. 

It has come to my attention that many are pronouncing SUITE as SUIT.

While SUITE has many definitions, including the one above, a SUIT is defined as a set of clothes to that create a tailored outfit.

How to Pronounce SUITE (vs. SUIT)

SUITE is pronounced exactly the same as SWEET. (Click here to hear the pronunciation.)

If you have a sweet tooth and love to eat SWEETS, you can surely get the right pronunciation of SUITE. In the image in this post, “sweet” is used as an idiom or a type of a slang to mean something “really good.” (Click here to hear the pronunciation.)

On the other, hand, SUIT rhymes with words like boot, brute, hoot, loot, and route, root, and toot. (Click here to hear the pronunciation.)

This post is written by Jennifer Kumar, a corporate coach based in Infopark, Kakkanad, Kerala, India helping IT professionals to communicate better with US counterparts.

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