How to Pronounce the Word Country in American English

Posted On: October 26, 2013

How to Pronounce “Country” in American English – Podcast 

Step 1: 
Divide the syllables: 
Coun | try 

Step 2: 

Pronounce syllable 1 – COUN 
Coun – as in the word cunning 
This vowel is the “uh” sound, and it’s a short vowel. This vowel is a sustained sound and vibrates, similar to the v and z sounds. Check out this video to learn how to pronounce it. 

Step 3: 

Pronounce syllable 2 – TREE 
Tree – tr is one sound, no vowel sound will enter between these two sounds. It is a T sound not a D sound. The “y” sounds like a really long e sound. Use your rubber band and make it long for the “e” sound if you need a visual representation. 

If T and D are difficult sounds to hear and make, see this video.

**For those who have sat in my class, you are already aware about this sound. For newcomers to the ‘rubber band’ technique, check the second video below (under the video for the “uh” or the ʌ sound. Take note that “ʌ” is the International Phonetic Symbol for the vowel sound in “coun.”

Step 4:

Pronounce both syllables together assuring there is a slight pause between the two syllables.

You got it! ☺ It will said different said in isolation compared to in a sentence. Record yourself saying it in your natural way in isolation, then with the accent training. Record yourself saying it in your natural way in a sentence, and then in a sentence with the sound training. Listen back. Do you hear the difference?

Also, hear this word pronounced at Click here.

Podcast on how to pronounce country by Jennifer Kumar of Authentic Journeys.

How to use rubber bands to “see” how to pronounce long vowels in English words for stress and expression. This video is not produced by Authentic Journeys.

Jennifer Kumar helps Malayalees and other Indians reduce mother tongue influence and be understood better by Americans through cultural and linguistic training sessions. Contact her today.

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