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September 10, 2013

Jennifer Kumar in Malayalam Magazine Vanitha

Vanitha in Malayalam means "Ladies" or "Women". Vanitha is one of the most widely distributed, if not the most highly distributed Malayalam magazine for women in Kerala and in many areas of the world where Malayalees live in abundance (is the moon on that list? ;-) ).  

A few weeks ago, Chaithra contacted me to interview me for this article. She came to meet me along with a photo crew at my office in Infopark. Though this article's main focus was supposed to be about how foreign women married to Kerala men celebrate Onam as a family, they somehow agreed to publish the article without my husband, Krishna's photo. This article was not supposed to be work related, but only family related, though we did end up talking about work and cross-cultural experiences due to the nature of our conversations.  

Though Krishna doesn't show his face in this article, his name not only appears in the article, but as a photographer for the photo of me next to last year's Onam decor- a Garfield flower arrangement (pookkalam). So, this is his first photo credit in a language that is not English! Woo-hoo!!

Ironically, I am not able to read the entire article. I can read a few words here and there. I can make out my name, Krishna's name, a few other words (jolli - work), and "Authentic Journeys", in the image above. I am unable to read the entire article. If anyone out there is fluent in Malayalam and is good at translating into English, I humbly request you to download the below file from Slideshare, and translate the entire text to English. I will publish it to my blog!  (Read the English translation here.)

(The article features two foreigners who have lived in Kerala. The first story is of a Russian lady who has lived in Thrissur for more than 12 years and is fluent in Malayalam. Kudos to her!! Amazing!!! I bow down to her. My interview and story starts from page 2.)  

Wishing you, your family, friends and colleagues a very happy and prosperous Onam. Onamashamsakal!

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