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August 25, 2013

New York and Newark - Different Cities, Different Pronunciation

Some people from India mispronounce New York and Newark. Below are some tips to assure you have the right pronunciation. 

Listen to the audio tutorial here:  

Read the written pronunciation tips here: 
  1. Newark is 1 word, and New York is comprised of two words. 
  2. Assure when saying New York, there is a slight pause between New and York and that the Y sound is clearly pronounced. 
  3. New York is a city in New York State. If New York is hard to pronounce, say ‘New York City’ or ‘The City” instead.
  4. Newark is NEVER followed by the term ‘city’, nor is it called “The City.” Where as “New York” may be misunderstood as Newark, “New York City” probably would not be heard as “Newark City” as no one uses this term.
  5. Newark is pronounced as "noo-work" (one word), and New York is pronounced as "Noo / yore -k". With New York, assure that there is a slight pause between these two words, and the Y is pronounced in york. Do not drop the Y sound.
It is true that many Americans also do not realize that New York State and New York City are different. Often when I tell other Americans outside of New York State I am from “New York,” they automatically think about “The City,” and ask me, “So how’s Manhattan? Or Times Square? I think you have been to the Statue of Liberty many times if you live in New York!?” To this, I have to reply, “New York is a big state, of which New York City is a part of. I am from Rochester, New York, which is closer to Niagara Falls. Rochester is about a 6-8 hour drive from New York City!”

The video below is made by Rachel, a native New Yorker. She also teaches us how to pronounce "New York."
(This video is not made by Authentic Journeys.)

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