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August 6, 2013

Free American Culture Lessons & Tips

Daily Life in the USA 
Traffic Rules for NRIs in the US 
Moving to the US from India is overwhelming as everything is different. Do not enter the roadways as a driver until taking a look at this post. 

What happens in the grocery store cashier’s line (video): 
This video will help you to understand the small talk that cashiers in most grocery stores in the US may engage you in as a customer. 

Mealtimes in the US culture 
When do Americans eat breakfast, lunch and dinner? Read this post to find out more. 

Personal Space – US vs. India 
Americans and Indians interact with each other using different contextual cues. This post will help you to understand how the two cultures view the concept of personal space.

Interacting with Americans  
How to address lunch invites from American work colleagues 
If your coworker asks you out to lunch, here's one possible way to respond. The tips given are in video format. Full transcripts for English as Second Language learners are included. 

How to answer party invitations from American friends 
Wondering how to answer party invitations from Americans? This slideshow with full transcripts will offer a possible solution to this situation. 

When Americans Expect an apology
Understand what kinds of behaviors warrant an apology when interacting with an American. 

Studying in the USA 
Indian meets US classroom 
What are some of the cultural differences an Indian may experience when studying in the US? Read this post to read one Indian's experience in the US. 

Time - How Americans See Time  
Daylight Savings Time 
Why do Americans change their clocks twice a year? This post will shed some light on "spring ahead" and "fall back". 

How Americans Spend Time on Vacations   
Why are Americans so busy on their vacations? This post will help you to understand how many Americans think about their leisure time. 

Blog author, Jennifer Kumar is an American living in India providing cross-cultural training to Indians working with American counterparts. Read more about the interactive and fun cross-cultural training program here.

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