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July 9, 2013

Others See Beauty In Us That We DENY!

It's true. We may notice our flaws and make them worse than they actually are, when others see our true INNER and OUTER beauty.   

Take a look at the below video. It showcases an experiment done where by an artist asked women he's never seen to describe their faces. After drawing the woman, he asks another person to describe the same person. The results are STUNNING.   

This may seem unrealistic, but I think it captures reality. We often are way too critical of ourselves, and refuse to see our true nature, beauty, strengths. But, others see more of us than we think! Think of this from the opposite perspective- have you ever seen something great or beautiful in someone else that they denied? This wonder of life goes both ways. Please see this awesome video....

I hope you enjoyed the video. I am not promoting any of the products advertised in the video- it's the message that matters! I hope you were inspired by the message. I see this message played out EVERYDAY in coaching my clients. Everyone has something amazing to give to the world, but often just needs to be told or reminded about their greatness. We often live redundant lives, and the people around us (including ourselves) take us for granted. We also take others for granted. Everyone thinks, "We have another day to live, we don't have to express how we feel about others...." On the other hand, if you were to hear such great feedback, wouldn't it make your day? Wouldn't it also make your day to share something that brightens someone else's day?

Share the awesomeness today! Tell someone something you appreciate about them. Share with another person what makes him or her special! That kind of gift doesn't cost anything, but is oh so priceless!

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