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July 14, 2013

English Idioms to Use at Work - 2

Ten sentences follow using idioms. The idioms are in bold. Do you know the meaning of these idioms? Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section below.

  1. Sandra is in a hurry to turn in that report. ("in a hurry" and "turn in" are two different idioms)
  2. Because the connection was so bad, he hung up the call.
  3. The boss counts on his staff to look over the reports for mistakes before sending them to the clients.
  4. If you can't attend the conference call, let the team know ahead of time.
  5. Don't point out his faults in front of the team.
  6. If the meeting starts at 9am, don't come exactly on time, but come at least five minutes early so that we can actually start on time.
  7. If the economy gets better, we can get more clients.
  8. I think you had better finish those last few lines of code so we can turn that over to the client on time.
  9. Although we are almost done, I would rather call it a night and finish the rest in the morning. ("would rather" and "call it a night/day" are two different idioms)
  10. It's better if we figure out how to solve this problem on our own.

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