July 13, 2013

English Idioms to Use at Work - 1

Ten sentences follow using idioms. The idioms are in bold. Do you know the meaning of these idioms? Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section below.

  1. He doesn't get into work until 10am. Can we put off the meeting until then?
  2. He is running late as got on the wrong bus, so he will be in sooner or later.
  3. Please take that phone off of the desk, we will put the computer on the desk instead.  (The idioms  take off/put on.)
  4. I really gotta take off... the meeting has already started.
  5. She took off about 10 days to take a trip to Hawaii.
  6. He was able to come up with the answer right away.
  7. Because he got up late, as usual, everything was delayed.
  8. When I see a new word, I don't know how to use, I look it up, think over how to use it, and then try to write a sentence with it.  ("look it up" and "think over" are two separate idioms)
  9. We were on the lookout for hiring new employees, but had to put it off due to budgetary constraints.
  10. After living in the US for 25 years, he's finally returned to India for good.

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