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June 13, 2013

Rescued! - My Immigration Battle, Chapter 3

Kaberi Chatterjee concludes the story of her journey from Calcutta to Toronto.  

I gathered all my guts and courage to reapply, this time took help of the agency, WWICS (World Wide Immigration Consultancy Services), a year later, after I joined back work with one of the leading newspapers in India, Hindustan Times, in 2002.  

I took a chunk loan against all my gold jewelry and the application was finally filed with the High Commission on January 4, 2004.

Pearson International Airport
Credit: Kaberi Chatterjee
Then began that endless wait for five-and-a-half years! The damn application was forever getting filed! So whenever anyone asked me updates about my “Immigration to Canada” I would tell them, “Please ask me that only once a year.”

My husband never came to terms with the reality. He always coughed and laughed whenever the topic of Canada came up. “Khuh khuh… Chill guys! Please remain seated at the airport when you go to see her off… because she’d be back by the next plane. Lollss…”

Incidentally, after my landing here in Toronto armed with my teen-turning son, the reality ACTUALLY hit him like ice-water that I had gone for good. So, he packed his stuff, quit his resounding job and flew across the world like his existence was on fire, two months later.

It’s astounding how he handled the menial jobs with a positive attitude, never breaking down, making my life much smoother than I thought it would be. Today he is a well-settled banker and I have a publishing house to handle. After three years, I dare today to write about the immigration battle, which was far bigger for me than the settling down battle here in Canada.

Kaberi Chatterjee is a journalist, author, editor and now, publisher. She is well-known for her caustic and bold blog, Life and Laughter, and her unconventional published novel “Neil Must Die”. After leaving India in 2009, she now resides in Canada, and is the CEO of Final Draft Editing and Publishing.

... concluded...

If you missed it, click here to read chapter 1.

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