November 5, 2015

Problem Solving with Americans – Do’s and Don’ts

The video in this post will summarize the previous two videos, highlighting best practices in how to approach and solve problems between colleagues.

Questions to ponder:
  • What are some of the best practices you noticed in this video?
  • Notice throughout the three videos in this series (Video 1Video 2), how people use English. Are the ways that people use English similar or different to your usage  of English?
  • Do take note of the use of ‘you language’ in the examples of how not to solve conflict verses the use of ‘I language’ in the correct ways of approaching and solving problems. How do you think the use of ‘you language’ and ‘I language’ impact the outcome of a difficult situation?

See Part 1  |  See Part 2

Jennifer Kumar provides coaching sessions with Indians on how to communicate effectively with Americans. Individuals can approach Jennifer directly for coaching, or managers or HR professionals can read more about coaching options here or contact Jennifer today.

Thank you for reading.

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