April 20, 2013

Meeting Etiquette Tips for the US Workplace

When you attend a meeting do you know that you’re responsible for the outcome of that meeting? 

A corporate coach based in the US helps us to understand the importance of meetings in the US business place. A few tips from the video are:
  • Respond timely (within a few hours to a day) to each meeting request. If you are unable to come, let them know. 
  • Prepare – How can you contribute to the meeting? Prepare a few points you can respond to or talk about. 
  • When do you show up? Do not show up at the exact time or after the time. Come at least 5-10 minutes early.          
Remember every meeting is an opportunity to showcase your work and your expertise. 

What do you think? The best practices shared below will help you build trust and confidence with your US counterparts. Which of the below tips would you want to apply? 

Jennifer Kumar coaches Indians on how to prepare for meetings, speak up, take initiative, contribute and build relationships with their US customers or clients in a culturally and professionally appropriate way. Contact her to begin coaching today.

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