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    Welcome to Authentic Journeys - ഓതെന്റിക് ജെർനീയ്സ് - US-India Cross-Cultural Training

April 28, 2013

How Does the Coaching Process Start and Evolve?

“We have tried many classroom type coaching programs with varied success. We are new to this one-on-one coaching process. Can you shed some light on how the coaching process with you gets underway?" 

This is another typical question that I am asked by new clients who are eager for a new approach to solving ongoing communication problems. They are looking for different training methodologies. Naturally, as it is something that not many people do, it makes sense to me that people would ask me this question. 

An explanation of the intake and, the first and ongoing sessions is as follows:
  • The clients fill out the intake form with information from their own experience, manager's experience, and maybe, from customer feedback.
  • The client contract and confidentiality form must be reviewed by the client, management, HR, and must be filled out by the client.
  • Managers can also send an email to the coach with two or three main areas that they would like to see improvement in.
  • The coach reviews the information that has been received.
  • The coach sends the person in-charge, a skeletal outline of what will be delivered through the sessions, and a recommendation for number of sessions.
  • The team selects the pricing package, and pays the fee before the delivery of the first session.
  • The first session is used to discuss and solidify plans for the rest of the sessions and to build rapport. The goal is also set within the first call.
  • The coach maintains notes on the progress of the goals and often assigns homework to practice the skills between the sessions. These reporting sheets can be shared with the clients as well as the managers. It is best to use a common online shared drive to maintain this file. The common drive can also hold other documents of mutual interest that are related to the process.
  • On a regular basis, for those who choose to attend multiple sessions, the coach, the client and his/her manager will meet and discuss the progress against the performance indicators and revise the coaching agenda, if necessary.
  • In some instances, where there is a communication gap or a cross-cultural misunderstanding between the employee and the onsite professional, I can broker communication between the two to build understanding. (This is not possible in every company due to compliance.)
  • At the end of the sessions, the coach will issue a report discussing the goals that have been achieved. Certificates can be issued based on the program and the number of hours attended.

Jennifer Kumar is an American living in Kochi providing cross-cultural communication coaching to Indians working with US clients. Contact her for more information today!

Editor Chris Sufi is a freelance editor living in Bangalore, India.

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