January 16, 2013

"How I Met Your Mother" in the American Accent

Do you like the American sitcom How I Met Your Mother? Would you like to know how Americans would pronounce the show's title? Would you like to learn how to understand the American accent and replicate it?  

In this soundbyte below, I share some tips on understanding Americans when they talk fast. These tips not only apply to saying How I Met Your Mother, but other words as well.

After listening to this, I challenge you to make your own recording and try to make these sounds yourself. It's FUN! :)

Slow: How I met your mother 
Medium: How I metchyour mother 
Fast: How-I metchyer mudder 

More on t+y=ch and other "phonetic math" exercises when listening to American songs by clicking here.

Jennifer Kumar is a native American English speaker and American citizen living in Kochi India providing American Accent and Cross-Cultural Training to corporates and individuals. For more, learn more about all the programs Authentic Journeys offers.

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Photo credits: Yellow photo- Amazon.com. Photo appearing with soundcloud "How I Met Your Mother" Facebook page.

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