May 7, 2020

12 Articles with High-Ranked Keyword Strings on Cross-Cultural Business Topics

Authentic Journeys Blog SEO Keyword Rankings 

This page tallies results ONLY for May 2020.  (See July 2020 Updates
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1. Keyword string: "daylight savings will i be late or early"
This leads the the blog on our site: Will I Be Late or Early if I Don't Spring Forward?
Hit count: 12,600

Hit count: 3,600

3. Keyword string: american conversation starters

Leads to blog: 7 Ways to Start Conversations in American English
Hit count: 1,500

Keyword string: how to start conversation like american (added May 13, 2020)
Leads to blog: 7 Ways to Start Conversations in American English

4. Keyword string:idioms slangs and phrasal verbs

Leads to blog: Phrasal Verbs, Idioms and Slangs: A Comparison
Hit count: 5,000
This blog also ranks #5 with the string list of idioms slang proverb phrasal verb (May 18, 2020)

5. Keyword string: how to introduce myself like USA citizen

Leads to blog: How to Introduce Yourself to Americans - Lessons from the book Ketchup & Curry
Hit count: 4,500

6. Keyword string: how to answer how did it go

Leads to blog: “How did it go?” – Meanings & How to Answer"
Hit Count: 77,500

Keyword string: when asked how did it.go

Leads to blog: “How did it go?” – Meanings & How to Answer
Blog SEO

7. Note: the keyword search term "another way to say stay in the loop" put this Authentic Journeys blog at #1 in the snippet of the search results on March 28, 2020, but as of May 5, 2020, our blog has slipped to #5. 
Hit count: 57,700

8. Keyword string: what hours do people eat in the us

Leads to blog: When do Americans Eat Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner?
(Note: The keyword string "lunch hours in the us" ranks #4 as of May 7, 2020) 
Hit count: 250,000

9. Keyword string: how to reply american client
Leads to blog: Thank You Responses: Dos and Don'ts (Added May 16, 2020)
Hit count: 38,800
SEO Victory for Authentic Journeys

This blog has another keyword string that also gets it into the #1 spot with this snippet.
Keyword Search Term "america reply to thanks"
Blog it leads to: 
Leads to blog: How to Respond if an American Client Thanks You (Added May 18, 2020)

10. SEO victory. This one is pretty amazing as our blog has beat so many ESL learning blogs!
Keyword string: "ways to ask about weekend

See our blog: 13 Ways to Ask Americans About Their Weekend Plans
Hit count: 1,200

11. SEO Keyword String: "dads and grads

Blog link: Dads & Grads - What & When Is It? 
Hit count: 950

12. SEO victory. We are #2 here. Thank you to Andrea for her wonderful video tutorial!
Keyword string: "let's put our head together to solve this problem

See our blog: Putting Our Heads Together - Idioms at Work
Hit count: 1,150
let's put our head together to solve this problem - SEO

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July 2020 SEO updates

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