US Citizen Specializes in Working With People from Kerala

Posted On: December 28, 2012

Do you live in India but work with teams in the US? 

Want to be understood by Americans and understand Americans better?  

Is communication at work with American counterparts, clients or colleagues difficult because of the communication gap?  

Hello, everyone, I am Jennifer Kumar. I am a native American English speaker who has worked in Kochi, India since 2011. I am here to help you learn to tune your ear and your vocal apparatus to hear and speak more clearly with Americans.  

How has Authentic Journeys helped our India teams succeed?

“One-on-one coaching has helped Indians serving US clients achieve real results when communicating and taking initiative with Americans.” ~Annelise Piers, Contentment India

“I was able to learn how to pronounce, practice and get tips on how to make specific sounds like ZH and others in American English which are not in Malayalam.” – Global Force, Inc. Employee

“It’s not important to enact the same accent, but to understand it, so we can communicate better with the client.” –Linda

“Understanding our communication styles helped me to give more direction to discussions with my India-based staff.” ~Job Smulders, Rent Autobus

“I learned how to combine sounds like s and y to make zh, d and y to make j and t and y to make ch. This will help me to understand all the words better when Americans talk fast.” – Global Force, Inc. Employee

Being direct is not always polite in American English.” – Tony

“I learned tips on how to talk in English more slowly and clearly so Americans can understand me better.” – Praveen PS

Jennifer Kumar is a US citizen who specializes in helping people from Kerala work more effectively with citizens of the USA contact her here.



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