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June 30, 2012

Spoken English Coaching – Submit a Voice Sample Over the Internet

Video and written tutorial on how to use the website to record and share sounds with me (Jennifer Kumar) to help you improve your spoken, conversational English.

If you prefer to read the instructions or cannot view the video, scroll below for text instructions.  

If you are a new client or an ongoing client, voice samples are used both for ongoing analysis and a good benchmark as to your progress.

Though is a public site, the site does allow for recording and sharing of private files. This tutorial will show you how to:

  • Sign up for
  • Record / Upload a Sound Clip
  • Save it as PRIVATE
  • Share the PRIVATE link with me (or whom ever you choose).

Step 1:
Sign up for
Go to, click on ‘Sign up’ on the top left, and fill in the pop up dialogue box.

Step 2:
You will get an email from soundcloud dot com. Click the link in the e-mail to confirm your e-mail ID. If you do not complete this step, you will not be able to access the site and log in.

Step 3:
Log in. When you log in, you probably will have to download and ADOBE plug-in. This plug-in will allow you to record your voice through this website.

Step 4:
Upload or record your voice.

(Want to know what is in the initial voice recording? Click here to see and read what I am looking for.)

To upload from your machine:
To upload saved audios from your device; they must have the file extensions AIFF, WAVE, FALC, OGG, MP2, MP3, AAC, AMR, and WMA to be compatible. The video shows you how to upload or record your voice.

To record directly on soundcloud:
Press record a few times, and click ‘allow’ to use the Adobe plug in. After selecting allow, the recording dialogue box opens directly and immediately starts recording. Take a deep breath and record your passages.

It’s recommended that you record once and submit. Practicing it and perfecting it to send to me does not give either of us the best points of analysis and improvement. The more natural and spontaneous you are, the better.

Step 5:
Check the recording, then upload it.

Step 6:
When completing the upload information please title your recording”
“YOUR NAME – sound – recording- number of recording”

The only other part of the upload form that NEEDS to be completed is the option for public / private. Most of us prefer our audios to be private.
Scroll down the screen to the options for public / private, and click private.
To the right side of the orange line, click “Add/remove people’
A dialogue box will come up. Please put in my e-mail id ( authenticjourneys<at> ). In the dialogue box pop-up click “add emails” and then scroll to the bottom of the dialogue box and click “save access settings.” Doing this will send me an e-mail that will allow me to hear your recording.

Step 7:
After completing the private share instructions, close the pop-up dialogue box and scroll to the bottom of the upload details page and press save. (This is easy to see in the video tutorial.)

Step 8:
After pressing save, you will be directed to the page where your voice recording is rendered. On this screen, you will find a second way to share this recording. To the bottom right of the recording dialogue is a box entitled “Secret Link.” Look in this box and copy and paste this link. Send this link to me through a secure email page found here.

For information on what is needed in the initial recording, questions about this service and fees click here.

This ends this tutorial. If you’d like to start Spoken English coaching with me, Jennifer Kumar, in Kochi (Cochin), in person, over the phone or on the net, Contact us today for more information!

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