July 5, 2012

Indians Applying to Colleges in the USA - Things to Think About

Below is a podcast discussing the challenges prospective students from India face when deciding to peruse higher studies in the United States of America.

This podcast is hosted by Matt Wade, with guest expert, Jennifer Kumar, Owner of Authentic Journeys.

Questions discussed in this podcast include:
  • What are the steps students go through in India just to get the opportunity to study in the U.S.?
  • What are the key factors and the pitfalls students face that are unique to the Indian experience when going through this preparation process?
  • How well do Indian students assimilate when studying in the U.S?
  • For those who attempt to assimilate, how are they viewed by their fellow Indian students?
  • Are grad students disconnected as a whole?
  • Are you aware of any situations that have negatively impacted an Indian student’s success when studying in the U.S.?
  • So, with all these factors in play, what is your advice for academic advisors who are advising Indian students?

To listen to this podcast from Vimeo click here.

IAAC Podcast 1- Challenges Indians Face When Studying in the US from Matt Wade on Vimeo.

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