March 2, 2012

Interracial Marriage in the USA- Trends and Experiences

by: Jennifer Kumar
  • Did you know that in the USA in 2010 15% of new marriages were mixed race in the US (interracial or interethnic)?
  • Can you believe that 35% of Americans say they have someone in their immediate family that is married to someone of another race?
  • Isn't it interesting that two-thirds of Americans say it's fine if someone in their family 'married out' (to someone of another race / ethnicity / culture)?
The curiosity these questions evoked inspired a recent discussion on National Public Radio's (NPR) show Talk of the Nation. During this show, guests called in to talk about their interracial marriage and immediate and extended family perceptions of this kind of relationship. 

The answers to the following can be found by listening to the podcast (embedded below):
  • Is the process of cross-cultural relationship acceptance a one-time deal or an ongoing process?
  • Acceptance of interracial marriages by youngster and older adults: how does it compare?
  • What are the legitimate concerns parents have over hesitating to accept intercultural marriages?
  • How does the society characterize children born of mixed race or intercultural unions?

A few insights from this podcast that make me think are:
  • A stated face that "Asian woman are three times as likely to 'marry out' than men."
  • How different races may characterize children of mixed race marriages.
  • Parents could be concerned that marrying out dilutes the quality of life (culturally as well as socially and financially in some cases).

Relationships discussed:
  • African American / White
  • African American / East Indian (south Asian)
  • African American / Haitian / White
  • Mexican-American / Asian-Caucasian
  • Mexican / White

Listen to the podcast here. If you'd like to read the transcripts, click here.

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