Prepare to Study in the USA – Cross-Cultural Lessons

Posted On: February 6, 2012

Prepare yourself for success in the US!When we get ready to study abroad, we think of the practical things to check off the list. Often we forget that we are moving to another culture, not just another country.

I have put together a series of online tutorials to expose you to the mindset, culture, academic requirements, college social life, on campus resources and much more. These tutorials will provide an overview of helpful resources to ease your adjustment so you can achieve your highest potential inside and outside the classroom. (This will also help you minimize culture shock.)

These tutorials include conversation, videos from various colleges, and reflection questions to help you start thinking of things differently. Take full advantage of the opportunity to start questioning, exploring and challenging your world now. It’s a valuable cultural mindset preparation for what’s to come when you step foot on the US campus.

International Students in the USA

The tutorials and testimonials (of our work) will answer some of the frequently asked questions about studying in the US from a cross-cultural perspective:

Jennifer Kumar prepares students and expats for their travel, studies or work assignments to the US. If interested to know more, get in touch with us today.

Original Post: Feb. 2012, updated June 2020



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