August 6, 2015

US American Holidays Throughout the Year

The Annual Schedule and Timetable of Holidays and Observances in the United States of America

American Holidays in January
1 - New Year’s Day 
3rd Monday - Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday 

Observances in February
First Sunday- Super Bowl (American Football Championship)
2 - Groundhog’s Day
The US Flag
14 – Valentine’s Day  
3rd Monday - President's Day / Mid-winter break
Last week of Feb - Early March - Mardi Gras 

Obsevances in March
All Month - March Madness 
2nd Sunday Daylight Savings Time Begins
17 St. Patrick’s Day Observation
March and/or April (dates differ every year)
Palm Sunday

Good Friday (Friday before Easter Sunday)
Easter (Sunday in Late March to Mid April, varies)

See this link for Easter dates

Observances in April  
1 - April Fool’s Day 
15 – Tax Day USA 
22 – Earth Day

Observances & Holidays
1 - May Day
5 - Cinco De Mayo

2nd Sunday – Mother’s Day

30 – Memorial Day

May mid to June end- school ends USA 
Dads and Grads 

Mid May to Late June - Graduation Season USA

Observances in June
June 14 - Flag Day 
June 19 - Juneteenth 
3rd Sunday – Father’s Day (See Dads & Grads)

Holidays in July

No holidays!
Holidays & Observances in September
First Monday - Labor Day (USA)
11 – Patriot Day (USA)
Observances October
2nd Monday of October – Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples' Day/Native American Day
31 – Halloween
Holidays & Observances in November
1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday, US Election Day
1st Sunday Daylight Savings Time Ends
11 - Veteran's Day 
24 – Thanksgiving (USA)
25 - Black Friday

Holidays in December
24 – Christmas Eve
Mid to late Dec for a week - Chanukah/Hanukkah
25 – Christmas Day
26 – Jan 1 – Kwanzaa
29 – New Year’s Eve

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