November 27, 2011

Cristina Canas Delgado – Expert Panelist

Cristina Canas Delgado – Expert Panelist

Cristina Canas Delgado –  Expert PanelistCristina Canas Delgado, originally from Spain has lived in her native country and the U.K. before moving to India in 2010 after marrying cross-culturally.

She is intensely interested in learning about different cultures, and people. Being fluent in Spanish and English; she’s now taking on Hindi as a third language. Having a bachelor’s degree in English Philology from Spain and English courses completed in the U.K. and the U.S.A., she currently teaches Spanish and English both at classroom and corporate levels in Bangalore. Cristina enjoys traveling, reading and writing in her free time.

Cristina blogs at Cris en la India (Stories about India in Spanish).

Read her impressions on being an expat in India in Spanish and in English.

Reach Cristina at She is also available for private Spanish or English tuition in Bangalore.

Cristina is on my team of experts. I consult her about:

Cristina I appreciate the open minded spirit and determination that you teach us through your Authentic Journey.

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