Indian Student Meets American Classroom – Culture Shock is Inevitable

Posted On: October 11, 2011

Realizing the American Dream for any immigrant or expat happens by navigating the waters of culture shock. Everyone who comes to the USA from abroad will experience some culture shock. Culture shock is not only inevitable, but normal and a natural part of the adjustment experience.

Brijesh Nair shares his first days studying in a reputed college in Arizona, USA. His writing style will draw you in to the roller coaster ride of excitement, confusion, anticipation, misunderstanding and the other kaleidoscope of emotions experienced when new surroundings and expectations take us by surprise.

Thank you for sharing your real life culture shock experience, Brijesh, which was published in Careers 360, a reputed national magazine in India. Read the article by clicking on the images below to see a bigger size.

Indian Student Meets American Classroom - Culture Shock is InevitableIndian student studying in the USA

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