Understanding Perspectives of a Wide Range of People

Posted On: July 27, 2011

Authentic Journeys Testimonial

“I know Jennifer Kumar through her blog. She has been a mentor to me for about 2 years. I was struck by the interesting and articulate nature of her blog. She is a warm and welcoming person. She makes her mentee absolutely comfortable with her. She has the ability to understand the perspectives of a range of people. She is to the point and takes great effort to help her mentee. She has helped me in endeavors way out of her scope. This shows her benevolent nature and her capacity to achieve a wide range of things. I would strongly recommend her for any cross-cultural and personal development mentoring programs. My best wishes to Jennifer Kumar.”

– Arunkumar Gunasekaran

Learn about our one on one coaching for expats and offshore teams.

We also can help you prepare to move to the US or gain context to working with US citizens. 

Jennifer has also worked with Chinese and Japanese nationals living, working and studying in the USA.



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