July 5, 2011

Making Friends and Socializing on American College Campuses

Video Name: 2011 This is MY Haven Video - 2nd Place Winner
Watch below or on YouTube- Click Here.

College Featured: Lock Haven University in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania.

What is this video about: This video is about the ‘Outing Club’, one of the student clubs on campus and their activities.

Cross-Cultural notes:

  • Note the music. This kind of music is typical of back-woods and country locations. It’s very authentic.
  • An outing club in Lock Haven University is a good idea. Being that the college is in a small town in a valley surrounded by mountains getting to the rustic scenes depicted in these videos should be much easier than for those college students living in big cities like New York or Los Angeles. If you like to do outdoor activities- this is the place to be!
  • Every college in the US will have some kind of fun activities and clubs that are open to all students. These clubs can be for recreation, social or political activism, ethnic diversity, volunteerism, academic oriented and others. Many may be open only to undergraduates and others only to graduates. Check your college website for the student activities and clubs section and browse all the offerings. If there is no club of your interest, you may be able to start one with the help of your teachers and advisors. Whether you’re an active member, on a club’s committee or start your own club, it’s a good thing to put on your resume!
Information about this video/ college:
See the college website.

Location of this college:
This college is located in central Pennsylvania; in the northeast of the USA. It is located in a small town, and two hours drive to big cities (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg). There are many outdoor activities to do here as the video suggests. The Susquehanna River flows through Lock Haven. Lock Haven is in a valley surrounded by mountains. One of the nice places to see nearby is Hyner View- a view point that over looks the river and the town from a top a high hill. In fact, in the video you can see photos with a stunning backdrop of a river running through mountains. These photos are likely taken from a top Hyner View. This is only open between late spring and early fall due to the road and weather condition.

Map (City and surrounding area, not exact address):


Thank you for taking the time to do the exercises and watch the video. This will help you better prepare for a successful cross-cultural adjustment in the USA.

*I as the author of this post and blog am not being paid to promote these videos or colleges. I chose these videos on my own based on the fact that that they showcase American college culture in a way I found useful to the International College Orientation Process.

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