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July 5, 2011

Preparing to Study in the USA: Predeparture Cross-Cultral Training for Students Studying in USA – Part 1 of 9

Congratulations on deciding to go for higher studies to the USA. These series of posts on American college life will help you as a self-study course to prepare for your new life in the USA academically and socially.

The videos in this series with accompanying cross-cultural exercises are supplementary materials to a program entitled “Secrets of Success on an American College Campus.” The purpose of the videos is to offer glimpses of daily life of students on American campuses, the faculty and staff and other aspects of college life in America.

If you’re wondering ‘Why as a student going to the USA should I watch these videos? What will I get out of it? How is this a good use of my time?” 

Well, as a student going to the USA you may be nervous or scared about how you will adapt to the American culture and lifestyle. You may be wondering how you will be successful so far away from home in another country. This video series will help you alleviate these fears if you complete it earnestly with a look toward your future.


  1. To give you an interactive pre-departure experience of American college and social life. 
  2. To offer you a different kind of international student orientation that does not tell you the do’s and don’ts and etiquette but gives you an opportunity to see it and identify it for yourself. 
  3. To encourage you to journal (write down) your impressions, thoughts, feelings and approaches to life. All these will be very important to refer back to as experience life abroad. 
  4. Help you brainstorm outlets for a support network during your stay abroad.

To help you get the most out of the videos, please:

  1. Note down the cross-cultural aspects they see in the video and talk with family, friends or me as the teacher/coach (e-mail me anytime, click here). 
  2. To watch the video for signs of the 10 American Cultural Values. Not all values will appear in all videos. 
  3. In which scenes do you notice the American Cultural Values? What is your justification for noticing the value where you have? 
  4. There are no right or wrong answers- this is to help you understand the video beyond it’s mere showing. This will help you to improve your creative thinking, brainstorming, questioning and brainstorming skills that are required for studies in America. 
  5. The image to the right lists the ten American Cultural Values. Click on it to see a bigger size. 
  6. Read the details that accompany each video in addition to watching each video. 
  7. To start you on your brainstorming and questioning skills now- if you feel overwhelmed or confused by this assignment but really think it will benefit you- feel free to e-mail me for help. 

This online training is a supplemental training to the in-person training entitled "Success on an American College Campus" that can be done face-to-face or virtually via phone/web/internet.

I am happy to offer these online resources to you and hope to be in touch with you personally regarding solutions and programs that can be offered to you or your group personally. Thank you for spending your time on this website.

All videos in this series:
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Author of this post, Jennifer Kumar is a cross-cultural coach and international student orientation trainer. Creator of Secrets of Success on An American College Campus and co-creator of Chasing the American Dream: From Take-Off to Landing, Jennifer has a special focus on helping Indians in their cross-cultural adjustment to American college, social and professional life. Jennifer has helped Asians as well as Indians get used to living in America and learning American English. Having herself studied college degrees in the USA and India, she understands the cross-cultural adaptation strategies from both countries and can offer tips and coaching strategies to help students and professional increase their success in America.

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