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July 5, 2011

Is a Relaxed Atmosphere Conducive to Learning? - International Student Orientation to American College Life Part 5 of 9

American College International Orientation Exercise #4 – Penn State Berks
Is a Relaxed Atmosphere Conducive to Learning?
Video Name: Penn State Berks – The Campus
Watch below or on YouTube. Click here.

College Featured: Penn State- Berks

What is this video about:
In less than five minutes; you will see beautiful outdoor and indoor scenes of the campus. You will be able to see some of the classrooms, library and cafeteria (as well as seeing some American foods). Some of the college’s recreational activities including sports is also highlighted.

Cross-Cultural notes:

  • Through the video, viewers get the impression the campus is ‘laid back’, ‘down to earth’, ‘open’, ‘comfortable’, ‘friendly’, and ‘relaxed’. We get this impression from the words the students use as well as the pictures that are all carefully chosen for this video. Are these qualities you’d like to look for while choosing a college? Why do you think communicating these ideas are important for a college recruitment video?
  • Of course, not all colleges in the USA would be known for having a ‘laid back’, ‘down to earth’, ‘open’, ‘comfortable’ and ‘relaxed’ atmosphere. Not all students would chose a college based on these criteria also. What do you think is the benefits and disadvantages for you in choosing a ‘laid back’ or a ‘highly competitive’ college? Think about this and other criteria that make a college a good fit for you. Afterall, you will be spending a lot of time there the next few years which will shape your life and your career path.
  • Throughout the video you see a person walking around in an animal costume. This is the college mascot. I looked it up on their website. Seems it’s called ‘Nittany Lion.’
Information about this video/ college:
Penn State Berks Website

Location of this college:

Map (City of location not specific address.):

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Thank you for taking the time to do the exercises and watch the video. This will help you better prepare for a successful cross-cultural adjustment in USA.

*I as the author of this post and blog am not being paid to promote these videos or colleges. I chose these videos on my own based on the fact that that they showcase American college culture in a way I found useful to the International College Orientation Process.
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