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July 5, 2011

Admissions, Academic and Social Life at One American College

American College International Orientation Exercise #3 - Clemson University
Admissions, Academic and Social Life at One American College

Video Name: What’s it like to be a Clemson Tiger?
Watch video below or on YouTube. Click here.

College Featured: Clemson University
An overview of the college touching on many aspects of the college culture.

What is this video about:
Showcases the various unique aspects of the college such as location, campus living arrangements, student and faculty profiles and accomplishments, unique student academic programs, creative career paths, employability statistics, accomplished alumni, student accomplishments, sports success stories, staying active and recreation facilities, student organizations, community service, admission testing scores (undergraduates), how to apply, costs & fees, scholarships, and listings of degree programs offered at undergraduate at graduate levels.

The admission details in this video are geared toward undergraduates. The remainder of the video showcases the social cultures at the college; most of which can be applicable to graduates as well as undergraduates.

I chose this video for the orientation program because I felt it showcased a wide variety of criteria parents and prospective students would identify when selecting a college. Though this video is clearly used to market the college, it offers the information in a way to pique your interest but leaves room for your creative inquiry. When watching such videos as a prospective student, it may be easy to get drawn in by all the amazing things that are mentioned in the narration. Before getting caught up in that, try to identify the main criteria you need in selecting a college and base your decision on final college selection on that.

Cross-Cultural notes:

  • Why do they refer to students as ‘tigers’? In America almost every college has a mascot that identifies the school and it represents their sports teams. In the case of Clemson University, it’s a tiger. So, to imbibe a unique identity and school spirit into each student, they identify themselves as the school name plus the mascot; in this case- Clemson Tigers.
  • “Creative Inquiry” is a unique program that encourages undergraduates to question their world and make it a better place through various initiatives. Some of those are discussed in the video.There are about 2 organized events on campus every day- making it easy for students to work hard and play hard.
  • Under college facts, they note Clemson is a ‘Top Jock School’- this means that there are many people who love to play sports are some who may even organize their life around sports, recreation and staying active.

Information about this video/ college:
Clemson University Main Website

Location of this college:

Map (City and surrounding area, not exact address):

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Thank you for taking the time to do the exercises and watch the video. This will help you better prepare for a successful cross-cultural adjustment in USA.

*I as the author of this post and blog am not being paid to promote these videos or colleges. I chose these videos on my own based on the fact that that they showcase American college culture in a way I found useful to the International College Orientation Process.

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