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April 11, 2011

Can an American and an Indian Have a Happy Marriage?

"Hello everybody, it's my deepest joy to and honor to share my review about my coach Jennifer Kumar. She is indeed doing an excellent job as a life coach and she is the one having the knack to to balance unity in diversity. She is indeed doing a great service to society by helping people adjust their lifestyle changes. When we go from US to India or India to the USA as per the climate changes, food changes, we see so many different people different faces, different accent but yes when we have a silent guardian to help us and our mind adjust to these changes we really need a Life Coach.

Well talking about my experience, as I mentioned before that I am I
ndian and for now live in India. My wife is from the USA having Puerto Rican Heritage. We met had online and we were having a diversity of mindsets, but, yes with the help of my coach things were much better and easy. I still remember that incident when I had lost my temper when I came across news of radio tagging of Indian students in the USA. I was very angry and made my outrageous reaction on my wall. I got angry and said things to my wife. Then it was my Coach Jennifer [who] read my posts and status and in a very understanding and patient manner explained to me the media hype created over such masala news and helped me to get a broader perspective of this issue that I should not generalize things as media just plays a show for 30 minutes repeating telecast and controlling [our] mind. Jennifer has many times helped my wife understand the cultural diversity.

Living in India for all my life, when I was about to meet Linda for the first time in my life, it was again Jennifer who helped me by giving me courage in every way, and thereby helping me understand the US Culture, food, accent and yeah even way of living and way of thinking.

Jennifer again I appreciate what you did for meet and give my best wishes for this beautiful Authentic Journey of Cultural Mentoring and proving that unity in diversity exists. [sic]

Warm Regards
Nachiket & Linda.

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