Tutoring for Chinese to Learn American Accent, Communication, and Culture

Posted On: March 31, 2011

How can I get help to learn English in Salt Lake City?

Jennifer is a great and responsible teacher and friend! She spent a lot of time to prepare for each of my lesson. Because her students are from different countries and with different accents, she chooses different materials to each student. I can always get her emails about something interesting that just for my accent, which makes me feel I am very special. 🙂 But I know she does the same thing for every student. After we were done with each lesson, she would go home and summarize my weakness and send me her notes. I can feel the passion she has for her students. I am really grateful for her help and friendship. [sic]

-Meina from China 

We are based in Salt Lake City. Are you an international student in Utah? Looking for affordable English and culture classes or TOEFL prep? Get in touch with us.

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