March 23, 2011

Outsourced to India: Factors that can Influence Types of Accommodations

In addition to understanding the types of accommodations and planning questions one can ask to secure a comfortable stay in India, one must also be aware of the company’s experience with outsourcing. 

Things to think about: 
  • Is the company a fully localized Indian company or American/ Foreign company in India?
  • How long has the company been in India? And, in that particular area?
    (Here you can assess that company’s knowledge of the local area and availability of different kinds of accommodation.)
  • How long have they been doing outsourcing?
  • How many months or years have they been arranging housing for business visitors?
  • How long do employees stay and is it temporary or for permanent relocation?
  • Is that area well known for outsourcing or new to outsourcing? How has the infrastructure (hotels, housing, restaurants, etc) conducive to outsourced visitors, expats, and repats?
  • Brainstorm other factors that could be relevant.
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