Reasons to Work with a Cross Cultural Coach

Posted On: February 3, 2011

You may be wondering, what are some of the reasons to work with a cross cultural coach?

Why do I need a cross-cultural coach?

People from all walks of life experiencing cross-cultural challenges can seek help from a cross-cultural coach or an expat coach. There are many reasons why someone would come to the aid of a cross-cultural coach.

  • We feel uncomfortable to tell our family and friends back home.
  • Even if we live with our family abroad, we could hesitate to share our inner most feelings (fears and joys) with them.
  • We don’t have any close friends in our adopted culture to get help from or brainstorm ideas with.
  • We don’t have anyone to share our problems with that has faced culture shock before.

In all cases, the main thread is we feel that others won’t understand us and that they will harshly judge us.

In these cases, a cross-cultural coach can help. A cross-cultural coach can:

  • Provide a safe, non-judgmental environment to discuss your feelings and situations
  • Provide confidentiality (coaches will not talk about your situations to others).
  • Offer a perspective of someone else who’s also faced culture shock or adjusting to a new culture.
  • Offer you ideas to help you with solving your problem but will NOT tell you what to do or tell you ‘I told you so.’
  • Offer you access to self-help, self-development, communication, educational, and vocational tools to help you explore yourself in a new cultural environment.

I, as the author of this article and a cross-cultural coach knows the apprehensions of deciding to go and going to see a coach. I have seen coaches in the past who have helped me sort out cross-cultural, relationship, educational, career and logistical concerns in moving to and from another country. If you are facing cross-cultural problems and are looking for help, consider contacting me. I am honored and humbled to be considered by you. Thank you.

Thank you for reading.

Jennifer Kumar, author of this post has worked with over 4,500 global professionals with the express aim of improving business relationship building on global, dispersed and virtual teams. Contact us today.

The whowhat, and when of cross-cultural coaching.

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