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December 28, 2010

Allowing others to accept me leads to self-acceptance, thanks Malayalee community!

Welcome to the series on "Giving Gratitude", today I will share my thanks to Malayalee community in Rochester, NY. 

Hello everyone I am your host, Jennifer Kumar.

Being a part of the Malayalee community has helped me to learn:

  • How to feel like an 'insider' when it may seem like I'm an 'outsider'.
  • How to find commonalities with others and feel like I truly "fit in" in both the 'outer' world (likes, dislikes, etc) and in the 'inner' world (thoughts, feelings, etc.).
  • How allowing others to accept me leads to self-acceptance (and visa versa).

Lessons I have learned:

I can....
Find things in common with others in my outer world
(likes, dislikes, hobbies, foods, etc.) even when
appearances are deceiving.

Find commonalities with others in my inner world
(thoughts, feelings, experiences, values, etc)
regardless of labels or outer appearances if I am open to finding it. (Other's
joys and struggles are relative to their experience . There is no fair comparison.)

Find self-acceptance in allowing others to accept me.

Have you ever felt like you did not 'fit in' or 'understand others' or 'be understood' by others when you moved abroad as an expat, international student, or newcomer? Why or why not? What kind of things help you feel a part of your 'new community'? How did labels you place on yourself or others influence your adaptation and comfort in your 'new home'? I share some of my thoughts on this being a part of an immigrant (India- Malayalee/Kerala) community in the USA. (These are issues I help people explore through Authentic Journeys.)

Thanks for spending your valuable time here today!

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