Living a Civilian Life after Military Service

Posted On: November 25, 2010


Transition to Civilian Life after Army Service

Jen is genuine and really assists you in exploring your career options and life goals. Although her focus as stated on this site is cultural transition and assisting those learning about the diversity of the world, you would not think that assisting a retired Army person is part of her repertoire but it is. The military is not your average everyday job or life style, it is a way of life like no other, and therefore is in a sense is a culture all its own. When a person leaves the service either by retirement or just getting out when your contract is over requires a new approach to life thus a culture change. After 20 years of service to this great nation, it was very difficult for me to transition into the real world or should I say the demands of civilian life. Changing from a very demanding and ego driven lifestyle to a much laid back and relaxed life style was very scary and difficult. Barking orders and demanding people to do what you want when you want it done is not how things work in the civilian world. Then realizing overnight you can no longer be that way because civilians do not respond to that type of leadership is an adjustment that takes time and something that does not happen overnight after all it was 20 years in the making.She unlocked some doors or made me realize that I had other interests and or skills that I did not realize or maybe just overlooked. I was used to one track and did not take the time to fully realize my capabilities and or talents as she so graciously told me. Although, the process she puts you through is long and tedious, it is well worth the effort because the rewards far out way the time spent. When you sign up for this you must take an honest look at yourself and be prepared to be humbled. Do not try to make yourself out to be something you are NOT! LET the PROCESS work, it will open up ideas and or areas you never thought about. If you have any inclination about changing your career path you will definitely benefit from this process and let us not forget to mention Jen’s talents. She has an extraordinarily insightful intuition, she really has the ability to understand the real you even if she has only meet you once or never at all. Jen again thanks for your time and unwavering patience with me.

-Jeffery Reynolds
US Army Retired

Jennifer Kumar provides life and career coaching for those who are going through life transitions. Contact her here




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