American Acclimatization Training Program in India

Understanding American Culture
Presented by Jennifer Kumar

A unique two-day program to expose participants to the lifestyle, workplace culture, mindset, behaviors, traditions and culture of the United States of America facilitated by a native-born American citizen living in India. 

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American Values
Small talk and Pleasantries
Presentation Skills
Listening Skills
Phone Skills

"The entire training sessions were really good and we really enjoyed having you around. Each piece of information you given is valuable. You will always stay in my mind. Forever. Thank you soooo much for your time. Keep in touch." ~ Aswathy

What’s in it for you?

Working with Americans in the U.S. and offshore from India is a reality for many Indian professionals. Understanding the U.S. culture is critical to career and business success. Interactive role plays facilitated by an American expose your employees to the soft-skills and employability-skills needed to reduce culture shock and increase cross-cultural understanding when working between Western and Eastern culture.

Role-play exercises 

Cross-Cultural Training for your business needs  

Meeting Time Etiquette 
Phone & Conference Call Skills 
Written & Email Communication 
Customer Service Skills 
Small Talk & Conversational Skills 

    Area Specific Orientation 
    Email and Intelligence 
    Safety Tips 
    Meal Time Etiquette 
    Hotel and Rental Home Basics

      Other services 

      Individual coaching for employees working with American clients 

      Group and Individual coaching for Spoken English, Accent and Pronunciation, American Business Communication Skills, and more!

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