American Accent Training

Classes designed to cover all the basics of American English communication and build your speaking confidence. Training courses divided into ten 2 hour interactive modules.

The standard course of 20 hours covers:
American English sounds
Word combinations
and more!
Basic training materials included!

Tailored courses of shorter duration available for:
Focus on specific aspects of spoken English
Accent improvement
Conversation skills
Many topics to choose from!

  • The full course includes analysis of your current abilities to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Tailored courses for individuals incur an additional charge for the analysis of your current proficiency and discover areas for improvement.
  • Attending seminars or purchasing additional books to help you learn are at the preference of the trainee on an as needed basis. These are not supplied, endorsed or preferred by Jennifer Kumar but could prove beneficial as additions or substitutes to courses.
  • Missing or breaking scheduled session times reduces the benefits of this training course. Each session builds off the last for maximum proficiency and benefit to you.
  • Sessions offered in person, via phone or Internet.
Jennifer Kumar is an American citizen, a native speaker of American English who currently lives in Kochi, India. More about her credentials on LinkedIn.

What others have said:
"Now I can hear and make American English sounds better. This helps me to communicate better with my American clients." ~Employee in a Cochin-based BPO working regularly with American clients

"Jennifer's classes have exposed me to other ways of speaking English." ~Student at Jai Bharath College, India

"Jennifer took time to make lessons just for me. These lessons helped me to better communicate with Americans and do everyday tasks that I would have otherwise found difficult to do without her assistance." ~ Indian in the U.S.

"Jennifer helped me to improve my English and job interview skills so that I could have a good career in the U.S. and make myself heard." ~ Sajitha Veettilakath (read more here)