June 26, 2017

What to Wear on Independence Day in the U.S.

As the most anticipated summertime holiday, celebrating the 4th of July in the U.S. is something to look forward to. Let's see what people wear to show their affection or patriotism for America on this special day. 

While many countries have an Independence Day, it may not be customary to wear anything special to show one's affinity to the country. As a foreigner, expat or international student in the U.S., there are a few things you can wear to show others you are commemorating or celebrating the holiday. 

A few things you can wear on or around this holiday may include: 
  • Anything red, white and/or blue 
  • Clothing with American symbols (eagle, Statue of Liberty, etc.) 
  • Clothing with the American flag on it (as in the top photo- tshirts with the flag on it) or display the American flag on your house, car or elsewhere
  • American sports teams, college, or other patriotic t-shirts 
  • Baseball caps with the local team 
  • People also dress up their dogs and cats, too!
I talk more about this in the video below. (Watch on YouTube.)

Learn about the other patriotic holidays alluded to in this video: Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veteran's Day

Photo credits:
Family photo:Loren Kerns, creative commons at flickr.
Massachusetts Office of Tourism, creative commons at flickr.

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