March 23, 2017

Free Video Tutorials - Authentic Journeys' YouTube Page

The Authentic Journeys' YouTube page has over 100 videos. View most of the videos in this post through playlists. To browse the entire collection, view the YouTube page.

Everyday Life in the U.S.A. (10 videos)

Making Small Talk with Americans (12 videos)

Speaking & Understandign American English (14 videos)

Going Onsite (to the U.S.A.) - Expat Tips (14 videos)

Working With Americans (11 Videos)

Authentic Journeys' Visual Resume & Presentations (8 videos)

Experiences working in India as an American Expat (7 videos)

For more videos of general travel around the U.S. and personal journeys of Jennifer Kumar, the Managing Director of Authentic Journeys, see her personal YouTube page.

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