November 20, 2016

Assessing Your Sales Team

Dave Kurlan, CEO of the Objective Management Group (OMG), is a guru on sales and improving your sales team's performance. Recently, I have come across his profile online and checked out a webinar he gave recently titled, The 6 Sales Weaknesses That Limit Sales Results.

I've taken a few notes from the video that I will share with you below. But, to make the most effective use of the notes, take a look at his video and use it as a spring board for conversation on your own sales team.

After watching the video, I have extracted some self-reflection questions you could use with your sales people when reviewing best practices:

Questions to ask yourself about Sales Cycles:
  • What is your typical sales cycle?
  • How much time is the average time it takes your sales people to close a sale?
  • Ideas on what makes a sales cycle shorter? Longer?
  • Can the ideas for making sales cycles shorter be applied to other prospects?
  • What is the difference in a sales cycle when it comes to re-engaging previous clients?
Win Rates:
  • What factors create lower or higher win rates?
  • Is your sales team keeping statistics to help track progress?
  • What are the quotas? What is being done to keep sales people accountable when it comes to quotas?
  • If sales people have time limits for their phone calls, how have the time limits been set? How does the time limit help or hinder closing a sale?
  • What are the characteristics of your sales pipelines?
  • Are there bottlenecks in the pipeline (pipeline velocity)?
Getting to the Decision Makers:
  • How many times does a sales person have to call to get to the decision maker? How does this effect the sales cycle?
  • What are best practices your sales team has identified to be able to get through the gatekeepers to reach decision makers faster?
  • How many calls would a sales person make before giving up? (The video suggests most people give up after getting to the fourth level contact.) 
  • Are sales team members comfortable with leaving voice mail

Analyze the Salesperson “Sales DNA” (Watch from the 4 minute mark)

Sales DNA is the combination of strengths that create a winning sales formula. Six aspects of the sales DNA include:
  • Non-Supportive Sales Cycle
  • Need For Approval
  • Become Emotional
  • Difficulty Recovering from Rejections
  • Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • Difficulty Discussing Money

Access the sales training webinar for free from this link.

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