August 22, 2016

Ask About Office Timings - Small Talk India & America

"What are your office timings?" 

This is a common question in Indian English. While this question is acceptable in the U.S., also, in American English, we would say it differently. The phrase "office timings" is not commonly used in American English. Listen to the video below to learn the common phrase or question we can use in place of "What are your office timings?" 

This video is one of many in the series, "Small Talk: India vs. the U.S." In this series we will explore the differences between making small talk in business conversations in the U.S. and India, focusing on the differences between Indian English and American English while also looking at the acceptable and avoidable questions when interacting with Americans in business. 

If you can't see the video, click here

Jennifer Kumar, author of this blog, and video commentator, an American citizen is based in Kochi, India. She provides cross-cultural business training to Indians working on global teams with Americans. Contact us for more information.

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