July 12, 2016

Basic Facts About Slovenia

Learn about the fascinating Eastern European country, Slovenia. Jennifer Kumar speaks with Nusa Veber from Slovenia about basic facts about her country and culture. 

Questions discussed in the video below: 
  • Do many people know about Slovenia? 
  • Where exactly is Slovenia? 
  • What is the difference between Czechoslovakia, Slovakia and Slovenia? 
  • What countries have you visited? 
  • What is the language of Slovenia? 
  • What do people say when you tell them you're from Slovenia? 
  • What are two or three interesting things about your country? 
  • What should people consider about Slovenian business culture? 
  • What are common foods in Slovenia for breakfast, lunch and dinner? 
  • What time people eat their meals? 

In an upcoming video, with the theme, Differences in European Business Cultures, we will discuss the differences in business cultures between Slovenia and Germany.

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A Comparison of European Business Cultures: Germany and Slovenia   

Video 7 of 1 video a day for 100 day challenge. 

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