April 7, 2016

Service Area vs Rest Area: Travel in the U.S.

To make travel comfortable, rest areas (such as the one in Aberdeen, Maryland on route 95 south, pictured, right) and service areas are convenient stop-offs on long highway journeys. So, what is the difference between a rest area and a service area? In the video below, I share some of the differences I know as an ordinary traveler. Do scroll below the video to see photos from different rest and service areas in Eastern U.S.A.

Video synopsis (in case you can't watch it):
In the beginning, I pinpoint on the US map where I am talking from in Western New York. Then, I discuss tips on using the Thruway or Interstate. Following this, I talk about the difference services we can see at common service areas, including: restaurants, restrooms, stores (snacks, drinks, memorabilia), tourist information booth, ATM, money transfer, Free Wi-Fi, gas station, and others.

**Note, all photos in this post were taken by Jennifer Kumar.
Highway memorabilia displayed at the I-95 Welcome Center, Service Area, Delaware

Souvenirs for sale in the Allentown, Pennsylvania I-78 service area.

Self-service gas pump, I-87, New York.

Toilets in a service area on the New York State Thruway.

EZ-Pass and cash toll booths on the New Jersey Turnpike.

Rest area, I-89, Vermont.

Convenient Store, Interstate 90, New York.

Welcome Center (Rest Area), 81 South, Great Bend, Pennsylvania.

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