December 6, 2015

College to Corporate - Resume & Interview Preparation Critique

Binghamton University has an innovative program called Executive in Residence at the School of Management (SOM).

From the Binghamton University website
Our Executive in Residence Program partners the School of Management with successful alumni, recruiters, HR professionals and business executives to offer career guidance and feedback to current students. 

Executives visit the school during the semester to interact with students one on-one or in a group setting during office hours. Executives answer career questions, provide résumé critique and/or information about positions in the industry, share their unique insights into the business world, and respond to students’ concerns as they prepare for their careers in business. The executives act as student mentors, career advisors, classroom guests and
links to industries. 

Executive in Residence visits take place throughout the semester and will be advertised to SOM students through our website and our listserv. Students pre-register for time slots and the length of the visit is at the discretion of the visitor. If you are interested in participating or would like more information, call the SOM Career Services office at 607-777-6176. Appointments are available for freshmen through graduate students in all SOM majors/concentrations. 

Executive in Residence – Resume & Interview Preparation Critique
Binghamton University - School of Management 

In this Executive in Residence event, I had the opportunity to mentor bright and promising international students perusing their Master’s degree in the School. In sessions we worked on: 
  • wording on resumes
  • how to conduct oneself in interviews 
  • role plays on handshakes and first impressions
  • role plays on professional small talk 
  • tips on follow up and thank you letters
  • how to refer to interviewers (use of titles) 

As this Executive in Residence program was geared toward international students, individualized sessions focused on some of the cross-cultural differences the students may face in interacting with professionals of various experience levels. 

Due to the confidential nature of the interactions, photos and names of participants are not disclosed.

Jennifer Kumar is an American citizen who is the Managing Director of Authentic Journeys. Based in Kochi, India, Jennifer provides corporate programs for Indians working with Americans. Jennifer is available to conduct similar sessions at your university or college with advance planning. Programs also available as train the trainer for international student orientation facilitators looking for innovative programs to add to their list of offerings. Contact us today to plan interactive, innovative college to corporate (C2C) programs for international students at your college today! 

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