What is a Social Security Card?

Having a social security card is critical in the U.S.A. The social security card is like an ID card that is used to identify you. Citizens and residents on various visas (H1, H4, J1, F1) need it for many of life's requirements like opening bank accounts, starting a job, getting a driver license, and getting an apartment. 

If you come onsite to the U.S., you would also need to apply for a social security card as part of setting up your life in the U.S. as an expat. So, if you are thinking, "How do I get my own social security card?" watch the video below to answer your question. 

While a social security card is required for setting up so many elements of one's life in the U.S., it should not be carried in your wallet or purse everyday. If the card gets lost, the person who gets a hold of your social security card can steal your identity. To prevent this, memorize your social security number (all social security numbers come in this format XXX-XX-XXXX), and lock up your original at home in a safe or safe place. For more tips on social security card safety, watch the video below. 

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