June 29, 2015

Professional Phone Answering Tips

If you work in a call center or at a job where you have to answer many client or customer calls, it's important to learn a professional phone greeting.

Don't Do These Things When Answering a Phone at Work:
  • Stay silent
  • Only say 'Hello'
  • Not smile if speaking

Do Follow These Tips When Answering Office Calls:
  • Say everything with a smile
  • Sit up straight
  • Speak clearly into the receiver, which is not too far or too close to your mouth
  • Say "Hello, you have reached (company name). This is (your name). How can I help you today?"
  • Or, you can say your name first, then your company name

If your caller has to ask who they are talking to or if they have the right company, you have failed in your greeting.

The videos below will provide some real life tips to follow. The first video is quite good, but do you notice what is missing?

Whether you are a IT customer support specialist or not, this video below by Don Crawley, shows some dos and don'ts while answering a customer or client facing call.

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