March 30, 2015

Putting Our Heads Together - Idioms at Work

"Let's put our heads together to think of some good ideas for our new project!" 

"Putting our heads together" means to "brainstorm" or think of new ideas or solutions with one or more people. Typically, when said in the office, it is a positive way to encourage people to come together as partners or as a group to tackle pressing issues. 

For instance, the group pictured to the right put their heads together to deliver a creative communication solution during a training in Kottayam recently. 

Andrea from ESL Basics shares a similar approach to this idiom:  

To learn more idioms used onsite with American coworkers, refer to the below PDF: 

Jennifer Kumar helps Indians and other expats in the US building understanding and empathetic relationships with their American counterparts at work.

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