August 24, 2013

Phrases to Use In Group Discussions & Conversations in English

"How do I complete a conversation from the beginning through to the end?"  

Many in the training programs I conduct ask this with humbleness and earnestness. The answer to this question helps those to initiate, create, sustain and end conversations with the right etiquette. The phrases in the below document answers most of these questions:  
  • What phrases can I use to start a discussion? 
  • What phrases can I use to continue a discussion? 
  • What phrases can I use to disagree in a polite way? 
  • What phrases can I use to agree? 
  • What phrases can I use to clear my doubts? 
  • How do I summarize other's points and present my stand?  
  • What phrases can I use to include others into the discussion? 
  • Are there phrases I can use to politely interrupt others? 
  • How do I conclude a discussion? 

Jennifer Kumar conducts seminars in India helping Indians draft, conduct and role play group discussions for work-related US client calls and communication meetings. In addition to deploying the training, and debriefing on the role play, she offers suggestions for improvement with a second deploy to assure trainees have understood the theories and practices. Contact her for more information by clicking here.

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