July 31, 2013

How to Use a Full Stop (Period): Written English Tips

Of all the mistakes the people of Kerala make in written English, the incorrect usage of punctuation is the most common. In this post, I will share tips on how to use the full stop (period). 

Take a look: 

My name is Jennifer . I am from the USA . My hometown is Rochester , New York. 

My name is Jennifer. I am from the USA. My hometown is Rochester, New York. 

Rules for full stops:
  • There IS NO space between the last word in a sentence and the full stop. For example:
    Wrong: I am Jennifer .
    Right:   I am Jennifer.
  • There MUST be a space after the full stop and the first word of the next sentence.
    Wrong: I am Jennifer.My office is in Kochi.
    Right:   I am Jennifer. My office is in Kochi.
  • The word that starts the next sentence after the full stop must be capitalized. For example:
    Wrong: I am Jennifer. my office is in Kochi.
    Right:   I am Jennifer. My office is in Kochi.

Note: The pronoun I is always capitalized wherever it falls in a sentence. For example: 
I have to go to the store. 
He said that I have to go to the store.

I have also shown a similar problem with the comma above. I will discuss comma usage in an upcoming e-mail.

Thank you Preethi for helping me to edit this article.

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